Mums share a experience: the therapy of the common cold-blooded during gestation



Much rightly to a nose and throat gargle with salt water. How It is possible to be cured, and a prevention of an excuse. This approach has helped me not to get sick upon childbearing, when it was flu season.



Do not know size the "stars", but "Akvamaris" and want not "help" at a cold-blooded, if the goal - get rid of it. Its basic task - thin a mucus and moisten a mucous membranes of a nose to create hygiene. Use it in the technique possible and required, just wish to clearly understand why. Incidentally, there are cheaper means, in essence no varied with the "Akvamarisa" and the like - is saline (affordable at pharmacies), or plain water with saline in a proportion of 1 liter of stewing h2o 1 teaspoonful sol without slides (you can sea, which for preparation). Читать полностью -->

Meeting mother with a infirmary: Tips for Dads


Papin shopping

If your family do not get accustomed superstitions like "do not buy your baby before birth", you will be a some easier: most likely in a home along has at least a cot. But for those who have to equip children from scratch do not despair - not too many items child newborn really request in a first some hours at home. As this:

- Cot;

- Orthopedic mattress for her;

- Blankets: wool and flannel, 2 bed sheet and two duvet covers;

- 2 butter-cloth or a set of disposable diapers size 60x90 cm;

- Child bath;

- Thermometer for water;

- Diapers - 30 pieces (if you possess a child was born big, do not buy diapers for children, he will grow out of them quickly, buy the ones that are designed for children between 3 and 6 kg);

- Bath wiper for a newborn;

- 2 bottles with nipples;

- Chlorhexidine hlorofillipta, serum for diaper with zinc Bepanten, series or daisy (for swimming), nasal drops with sea aqua or saline;

- Sterile cotton wool;

- Babies ablution powderise (on a label want say that you can wash out clothes and newborn clothes);

- 3-4 undershirts and as many sliders - done of cotton;

- TWO-3 heartwarming sweaters and a pair of warm sliders;

- 3-4 flannel and cotton napkins;

- Light and soft hats;

- 2 pacifiers.

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What are treated by laparoscopy


With a diagnosis of the operation is readily converted to medication. Laparoscopy can be used several variant attachments: a ordinary metal tool, a laser knife electrocoagulators and others. Thus, not only can detect the source of the matter but also on a spot to eliminate.

After approximately time, a medic may perform a "control laparoscopy" to refine the effect of the operation. For example, if a patient had obstruction of a fallopian tubes, a uterus Dye, then using a laparoscope doctor checks whether the dye goes into the abdominal cavity, if however, the operation was successful.

The advantages of laparoscopy

Was the most significant benefit for most patients - cosmetic. Of the laparoscopy no great scars, but only 2 or 3 small incisions, which heal quickly and get almost invisible. Puncture site trying to find a medical man so that it was as some noticeable - for example, in the folds of skin around a navel, below a "bikini".

It is also very influential benefit and that laparoscopy is much less traumatic than abdominal surgery, and leaves fewer adhesions in a abdomen. Читать полностью -->

Mums share their experience: the therapy of a common cold-blooded upon childbearing


Because of reduced immunity any men during pregnancy avoided colds. When a first specific ailments expectant mother begins to worry and panic - the like medication, so however not to harm a child. We asked moms on the site of what is allowed during pregnancy helps to overcome a common cold-blooded, and you gathered a whole experience in one substance.

When a first symptoms of catarrhal diseases (SARS, influenza) need call the medic - is momentous however soon so potential to make an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Before the arrival of the physician can relieve their condition in a following ways.

Running nose

A general thing to remember - vasoconstrictor nasal drops expectant mums are strictly contraindicated. These involve naphazoline, tizin, Nazol oxymetazoline and others. First, you are addictive, and secondly, at big doses very detrimental capacity on a well-being of a unborn baby.

A safest technique to ease the condition - clean out nose plenty of salted water.

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Mums share their experience: a medication of the common coldness upon childbearing


Because of reduced immunity few men upon childbearing avoided colds. When the 1st specific ailments expectant mother begins to worry and panic - the same treatment, how how not to harm the newborn. We asked moms on a site of what is allowed upon gestation helps to overcome the common coldness, and you gathered the whole experience in one material.

When the first symptoms of catarrhal diseases (SARS, influenza) should call the doctor - is important as soon so potential to do an accurate diagnosis and appropriate therapy. Before the arrival of a medical man may relieve your condition in a following ways.

Running nose

A basic item to remember - vasoconstrictor nasal drops expectant moms are strictly contraindicated. These incorporate naphazoline, tizin, Nazol oxymetazoline and others. First, they are addictive, and secondly, at big doses highly detrimental effect on the hygiene of a unborn child.

A safest technique to ease the condition - polish nose plenty of salted water.

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10 strict "no" during gestation



It is believed that excess caffeine causes strain on a cardiovascular system of a mom and a fetus, causing anxiety and may even lead to miscarriage or early birthday. But here we should mention that this is so, if drinking more than 3 cups of espresso a day. Women with big-pressure coffee at contraindicated.


The instructions to the drug always indicated, whether it is contraindicated for pregnant gerls. Otherwise complete once again consult the medical man. Prohibited upon childbearing vasoconstrictor nasal drops, Ambroxol, Ambrobene, aspirin, approximately antibiotics, etc.


Of a sufficiently big number of healthy herbs meet those that can cause a miscarriage, and those that get a negative capacity on the fetus. Learn which herbs are contraindicated, can be in our Encyclopedia.

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