May I eat fish, eggs and seafood are pregnant or nursing?


In accordance with a recommendations of FDA, pregnant gerls, nursing mothers and children should completely give up eating meat, big long-lived fresh fish, particularly sharks, swordfish and king mackerel. These fish are extremely great and contain a lot of toxic substances. Other species of crab and seafood relatively littler sizing is safe to eat. However, a recommended capacity of seafood consumed should not exceed 12 ounces (340 g) per 7 days. FDA as well provides a list of marine your, which found the least amount of mercury: salmon, catfish, pollock, shrimp and lightness tuna, which is used for conservation.

Caviar crab, so well so the crab itself, contains a range of vitamins and minerals that are vital to heartiness. It is considered safe for apply during gestation and lactation, provided that it is thoroughly cooked or pasteurized. Читать полностью -->

Mothers share the experience: the treatment of the common coldness during pregnancy


Because of dropped immunity few people during pregnancy avoided colds. When a 1st specific ailments expectant mum begins to worry and panic - the same treatment, so however not to harm the child. We asked moms on a site of what is allowed upon gestation helps to overcome a common cold-blooded, and you gathered a whole experience in one material.

When the first symptoms of catarrhal diseases (SARS, influenza) want call the doctor - is momentous how soon as possible to do an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Before a arrival of the medical man may relieve the condition in the following ways.

Running nose

A chief item to remember - vasoconstrictor nasal drops expectant mothers are strictly contraindicated. These include naphazoline, tizin, Nazol oxymetazoline and others. 1-st, you are addictive, and secondly, at high doses extremely detrimental effect on a soundness of a unborn baby.

A safest technique to ease a condition - clean nose plenty of salted aqua.

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Art therapy for pregnant gerls



Singing is the most that neither is practical sense in childbirth. A fact that a disclosure of the mouth, throat exemption with clips facilitates rapid detection and relaxation of the cervix, that is easier during labor. Battle cry do ineffective, but a silence of the body contributes to the terminal. Sound also helps women to focus on a breath, not a pain. Exhale with a sound can take up to 50 seconds (and is known to carry a fight easier, extending breaths).

A sound in this singing must be obtained even, deep, drawing on the diaphragm. To learn a "right" sound generic however you can with a teacher, and independently. Читать полностью -->

The 1st bride of the child


If guests ask you about what to give your baby, do not be shy and do not have off with a phrase: "up to you." You could receive three of the same kettle and much of plush funs. Honestly tell you now must - diapers, highchair, baby utensils or an envelope with the your money.

Prepare a wiper in a restroom for guests and ask each newly logged immediately wash your hands.

Children want be closed to outsiders. It is better for a while to make a child to enjoy and to be with him there than to arrange a continuous pilgrimage to the newborn crib. If you live in a studio room and outline to hold a feast in the apartment, newborn crib is better for visiting guests to bowl along out to a kitchen, pre-ventilate the area. It is possible to then, if indispensable, alone with the newborn, to soothe or feed him.

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May I possess sex upon pregnancy?


• Do not attempt to establish records and arrange a sex marathon. Duration of sexual intercourse should not exceed 05/03/10 minutes.

• The most suitable posture upon pregnancy is considered to pose "spoons" (the partner and the partner lying on your sides, the man behind).

• Pose "Amazons" (girl sitting on the man at a top) must be avoided, since in this position a penis penetrates deep into the vagina.

• Since a classic pose (man on top) may have a disproportionate impact on a expectant mum stomach and uterus, most of a downloading must be to pick up on a man.

• When the stomach increases significantly with a file position: a young girl on a bed on his back, and a man standing in front of her on a floor on his knees.

• If vaginal dryness may apply grease, it does not harm the newborn.

• Avoid in gestation from anal sex (if you keep practiced earlier), because it can cause uterine contractions.

• Avoid too deeply and attentively enter the penis into the vagina. A young girl should itself regulate a depth and pressure, holding hand, penis, or restraining the movement men with knees. Preferable to use a stop ring, which It is possible to find in a sex shop.

However, a regular sex your is more desirable because it provides not only the strengthening of the pelvic wood floor muscles, but also good emotions and feelings for you and your baby. The fact that the uterus during orgasm slightly reduced, which is perceived by the newborn how a mild and pleasant massotherapy. And remember, if you love and happy, and happy future baby - happy hormones come to him through a blood.

Cheers! Enjoy life! You careless gestation and "soft" supply.

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