The first bride of a newborn


If guests ask you some what to give your child, do not be shy and do not have off with the phrase: "up to you." You could get three of a same kettle and lots of plush funs. Honestly tell you now need - diapers, highchair, baby utensils or an envelope with the their money.

Prepare a jack-towel in a washroom for guests and ask any newly logged immediately sluice your hand.

Children want be closed to outsiders. It is correct for a while to do a child to enjoy and to be with him there than to arrange a uninterrupted pilgrimage to a baby crib. If you live in a studio room and outline to hold a feast in the rooms, baby crib is perfect for visiting guests to bowl along out to a kitchen, pre-ventilate a space. You can so, if indispensable, alone with the newborn, to soothe or feed him.

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Meeting mom from the infirmary: Tips for Dads


A few more days - and you will be at home: a newborn child and his mom. On a one mitt, you claim to celebrate a fact of his paternity with friends until a onset of a harsh working life! On the other - you wish to prepare a rooms for the arrival of the child and buy anything you require... And if tips for organizing a stag party would obviously unnecessary, so better to spend cleaning and what to buy for Mum and Baby, we are happy to tell.

Clean - a guarantee of lustiness

A lot of father sincerely believe that the best method to lead an placement in ordering - to invite a duo of times to a loved mum in law. And even consummate - hire a professional cleaner. Those who decided to put items on the own purity, better start cleaning from a top: not to ablution floors, and, say, wipe the dust on the shelves and cabinets. This has a certain logic: the dust and dirt rarely soar upward - more frequently than not fall down. Читать полностью -->

Sex upon childbearing poses, fears and new sensations


Why men are frightened

Not all pregnant gerls think about sex items of great enthusiasm, but if a girl 18 years old can explain a change of their attitudes and requires of hormonal fluctuations, the man will possess a much more difficult - his unwillingness to engage in sex relations with his wife, he has to justify quite properly. A general "excuses" from both sides usually involve a number with caresses "3-rd" (of course, we are talking about the size of a kid), "the incredible fragility" pregnant aging body and a fear of "any damage." So did they react?

"He looks out!" 1st, even if it looks that while he saw nothing. Second, a newborn in a womb mostly asleep, however tender parents he is likely to oversleep. And, thirdly, a effective movement of partners just gently shake a fruit - exactly a like item, by the way, happens to a baby when his mom walks speedily down the street.

"I'm afraid to damage a child." Do not be frightened, the child is rightly protected nature of the expansion. Babe protect amniotic fluid, uterine wall, a fat layer, connective tissue and muscles of the maternal abdomen. And the cervix is??as well firmly clogged mucus plug. Читать полностью -->

10 strict "no" during gestation


Childbearing - is a state of mind, aging body, and well-being of a whole body. This is a wonderful and memorable time in the life of a girl 18 years old, however, and quite vulnerable. So, the expectant mother can not be vigilant and to be aware that it is strictly forbidden in these 9 weeks paunchy happiness.


A effects of alcohol on a fetus has been properly investigated. Ethanol readily crosses the placenta directly into a blood of a fetus, causing birth defects. Masks and face care anomalies, microcephaly (underdevelopment of a brain), physical underdevelopment, abnormalities of - that's what threatens a apply of alcohol, specifically in the first trimester.


In cigarette fume contains carbon monoxide, which reacts with hemoglobin and replaces about of the oxygen gas exchange. So a result, both a mum and a fetus lacks oxygen. Читать полностью -->

10 strict "no" upon childbearing



Upon pregnancy, avoid face lifting heavy objects (no more than 2 kg). This rash move could cause a miscarriage. This is specifically serious when the hypertonicity of the uterus.

X-rays and fluorography

At the risk of X-ray irradiation damage to the nervous system of the child. So this kind of diagnosis is prohibited upon childbearing.

Active regular sports

Under a strict no fall sports like weightlifting, riding, cycling and the other power and traumatic. Should give preference to swimming, walking in a open air, gymnastics for pregnant women (yoga and Pilates).

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