Mums share their experience: a treatment of a common coldness upon gestation



Much good to a nose and throat gargle with sol h2o. How you can be cured, and the prevention of an excuse. This technique has helped me not to get sick upon pregnancy, when it was flu season.



Do not know about the size of the "stars", but "Akvamaris" and should not "help" at a cold, if the goal - get rid of it. Its chief task - thin a mucus and moisten a mucous membranes of the nose to do hygiene. Apply it in any way possible and required, just want to clearly understand why. Incidentally, there are cheaper means, in essence no varied with a "Akvamarisa" and the similar - is saline (available at pharmacies), or plain h2o with salt in a proportion of 1 liter of boiling water 1 teaspoonful salt without slides (you can sea, which for cooking). Читать полностью -->

Meeting mom with a hospital: Tips for Dads


Papin shopping

If the family do not have accustomed superstitions like "do not buy a baby earlier birthday", you will be a small easier: most likely in the house already has at least a cot. But for those who enjoy to equip children from scratch do not despair - not too many things newborn newborn really demand in a 1st few times at home. How this:

- Cot;

- Orthopedic mattress for her;

- Blankets: wool and flannel, two bed sheet and 2 duvet covers;

- Two butter-cloth or a install of disposable diapers size 60x90 centimeters;

- Child bath;

- Thermometer for h2o;

- Diapers - 30 pieces (if you have a newborn was born big, do not buy diapers for babies, he will grow out of them quickly, buy a ones that are designed for infants betwixt 3 and 6 kilogram);

- Bath towel for the baby;

- Two bottles with nipples;

- Chlorhexidine hlorofillipta, serum for diaper with zinc Bepanten, series or daisy (for swimming), nasal drops with sea water or saline;

- Sterile cotton wool;

- Children ablution powder (on a label must say that you can bath clothes and child clothes);

- 3-4 undershirts and however a lot of sliders - done of cotton;

- TWO-3 hot sweaters and a pair of warm sliders;

- 3-4 flannel and cotton napkins;

- Lightness and heartwarming hats;

- 2 pacifiers.

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As to save on buying children's clothes


Babies new things at times turn into more adult spending: clothes children require more than us, and grow out of jackets and shoes are much faster. Of course, for beloved infants did not mind, but it is always nice to save your money, not to a detriment of property.

Talent, beautiful, fashionable, and for pennies a baby enjoy to wear one. There are mother-umelitsy that of a a small piece of fabric or skein of wool able to make a masterpiece. Somewhere in a tales are even kids, get a phenomenal accuracy: their pants never tear on a knees and white blouses stay a whole time, and, following serving his sentence, go to the younger sisters and brothers in a always new configuration. But for most, still collecting newborn to school or kindergarten, how good how a seasonal transition askes significant investment. How to reduce them?

Good planning

Look around closely with child clothes closet. Читать полностью -->


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May I eat fish, eggs and seafood are pregnant or nursing?


In accordance with the recommendations of FDA, pregnant gerls, nursing mums and babies want completely give up eating fresh meat, big long-lived fish, particularly sharks, swordfish and king mackerel. These fish are extremely great and contain much of toxic substances. Other species of crab and seafood relatively smaller sizing is safe to eat. However, the recommended amount of seafood consumed must not exceed 12 ounces (340 g) per week. FDA also provides a list of marine your, which found the least volume of mercury: salmon, catfish, pollock, shrimp and lightness tuna, which is used for conservation.

Caviar fish, so good so a fish itself, contains a range of vitamins and minerals that are vital to heartiness. It is considered safe for use upon pregnancy and lactation, provided that it is good cooked or pasteurized. Читать полностью -->

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