Art therapy for pregnant gerls



Singing is the most that neither is practical sense in childbirth. A fact that a disclosure of the mouth, throat exemption with clips facilitates rapid detection and relaxation of the cervix, that is easier during labor. Battle cry do ineffective, but a silence of the body contributes to the terminal. Sound also helps women to focus on a breath, not a pain. Exhale with a sound can take up to 50 seconds (and is known to carry a fight easier, extending breaths).

A sound in this singing must be obtained even, deep, drawing on the diaphragm. To learn a "right" sound generic however you can with a teacher, and independently. Here are some tips for independent exercise:

- Stretch a shoulders, put them back badly. Imagine that you are standing at the invisible wall and touch her neck skin, shoulders and heels.

- Relax a masks and skin care muscles. No facial expressions.

- Breathe in the stomach, and not feeding. When you inhale and relax the stomach, do not lift a shoulders.

- So long so potential how you exhale pull "a." The sound is supposed to be rich and powerful.

- Locked in a throat? So you're doing anything improperly. It is important that all of these exercises in a throat can not provoke the pain or sore, or cough.

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