The 1st bride of the child


If guests ask you about what to give your baby, do not be shy and do not have off with a phrase: "up to you." You could receive three of the same kettle and much of plush funs. Honestly tell you now must - diapers, highchair, baby utensils or an envelope with the your money.

Prepare a wiper in a restroom for guests and ask each newly logged immediately wash your hands.

Children want be closed to outsiders. It is better for a while to make a child to enjoy and to be with him there than to arrange a continuous pilgrimage to the newborn crib. If you live in a studio room and outline to hold a feast in the apartment, newborn crib is better for visiting guests to bowl along out to a kitchen, pre-ventilate the area. It is possible to then, if indispensable, alone with the newborn, to soothe or feed him.

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