Mothers share the experience: how to face with a hospital



So for evil, I get managed to meet all a friends, all pregnant gerls, all the doctors and all the medicinal staff who just might be found. Shows a small, but very proud that a homeless person, or a rapper, I finally left a walls of a infirmary to find out what a car is worth almost 2 blocks away, so it was not however close to park. However we walked in I-dragging pants and black man in torn training in beautiful blooming. I will never forget the time of his discharge from the infirmary

All tips from moms

- Order Houses

It is also usually falls on men. Although ofttimes connected child grandma and many pick up in your own hands. Maximum outline to meet a child and mother:

• Carefully wash windows, Carefully wash curtains;

• get rid of a dust on a cabinets and shelves;

• Thoroughly wash a floors, vacuum the rugs / carpet;

• Items that collect dust, correct to put in another placement or on a balcony - old gentle playthings, old books, etc., and at times worth spending a ruthless revision of all that is in a room;

• assemble a crib, hang on a edge of the bumpers;

• bath a children's powderise in a washing machine and iron iron sheets for the newborn;

• hang nightlight in a nursery;

• Wash bath careful cleaning agent approved for infants, or milk.

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