Hip Dysplasia in Infants


Diagnosed with dysplasia

A preliminary diagnosis is done later examining child pediatrician or orthopedist on a basis of detection of symptoms (see above). In children older than 3 weeks can be gravely to diagnose, because the alone obvious sign may be less than that of the affected joint. Also, there are cases when a diagnosis of dysplasia after survey mistakenly put a healthy child. In cases of suspected dysplasia after inspection are required to appoint an additional study: ultrasound or X-ray of a hip joint.

Therapy of dysplasia

A earlier a medication of dysplasia, a more likely the baby is fully healed. Ideally, congenital dislocation of a hip to be diagnosed even in the hosp. And start treatment immediately. If dysplasia is expressed not much, it is not always possible to detect it in the infirmary, but in any case it is consummate to beginning therapy before a 1-3-months of age.

Medication of a type of dysplasia is the proper installation of the femur in a joint and hold it in place however it grows. Some different devices can be used for this purpose, depending on the age of a child, and in rare cases - surgery.

The general objective of a therapy - to ensure that the newborn's hips were always separated a sides, however this position femur just goes on its put in the joint and not come out of it.

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