Moms share their experience: beloved pancake formula


All 7 days long on Shrove Tuesday was known alone so "fair, broad, cheerful, noblewoman, carnival, carnival lady."

Pancakes, pancakes and all their derivatives in Russia loved pampered all year, but it was on Shrove Tuesday, they have get a major attribute of refreshments and a holiday. Later a round ruddy pancake is however similar to a hot summer sun, which all were waiting for a winter.

There is a classic formula for Russian pancakes:

A butter - for greasing

Natural milk - 200 ml

Flour - 100 g

Saccharose - 1 tablespoon l.

H2o - 75 ml

Oil - 1 spoon l.

Salt - a pinch

Eggs - 1 pc.

Floury and sol to sift into a bowl, then create a recess in a center and beat him in the egg. Stir correct from a edges to the center. In the natural milk add water and sugar. While stirring the mix, slowly pour it into a mealy. Stirring until disappearance of lumps. A dough need be the consistency of a fluid cream. Add butter and beat a dough whisk, mixer or blender. Preheat a frying pan and grease it with a small piece of cow butter. Pour into the pan approximately 1/3 of a test ladle, lift it and make a circular motion however that the dough flowed across a surface of a pan. Following 30-35 seconds, turn the pancake on a other side. Oven any 10-12 seconds.

But many housewives normally empirically derive a own recipe, pancakes, by which, a whole family eats for both cheeks.

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