Lymphatic massage at home


How to select?

The general parameter of all equipment for lymphatic drainage - is a number of cameras. It determines how much detail and capacity will be a massotherapy. Every chamber is responsible for the "station." If the dual-chamber item, which means that upon a massage, for example feet, a whole cycle of foot massage is performed in two steps, first chamber inflates a cuff with foot to knee, so inflates a second camera, located above. Kindly, with more cameras, a capacity of "pasture" stagnant lymph and blood from the extremities to be more complete, because compression occurs in small areas, and more gradually.

In professional models of cameras may be up to 12 or more. Devices for home use are normally from four to 6 cameras.

The following criterion, which is worth paying efforts to when choosing a unit, a quality and sizing cuff. Cuff at work are exposed to a high pressure (up to 200 mm Hg or higher), and repeatedly inflate and deflate. The more carefully made cuff, the longer the machine.

Cuff size usually averaged and match clothes from sizing 38 to 54. If the cuff is too large, a set up pressure will be achieved for a long time or will not be achieved. If a cuff will be little, the pressure may be excessive, to avoid this produced special extensions that may be added to a circle cuff.

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