What are treated by laparoscopy


With a diagnosis of the operation is readily converted to medication. Laparoscopy can be used several variant attachments: a ordinary metal tool, a laser knife electrocoagulators and others. Thus, not only can detect the source of the matter but also on a spot to eliminate.

After approximately time, a medic may perform a "control laparoscopy" to refine the effect of the operation. For example, if a patient had obstruction of a fallopian tubes, a uterus Dye, then using a laparoscope doctor checks whether the dye goes into the abdominal cavity, if however, the operation was successful.

The advantages of laparoscopy

Was the most significant benefit for most patients - cosmetic. Of the laparoscopy no great scars, but only 2 or 3 small incisions, which heal quickly and get almost invisible. Puncture site trying to find a medical man so that it was as some noticeable - for example, in the folds of skin around a navel, below a "bikini".

It is also very influential benefit and that laparoscopy is much less traumatic than abdominal surgery, and leaves fewer adhesions in a abdomen. Ofttimes spikes following normal operations overshadow all the results, and this deficiency deprived laparoscopy.

And finally, the procedure carries easier than abdominal surgery, a pain is much less, and the recovery time is much shorter. There are benefits to this way, and physicians - The operation was done, a patient is much less than in a infirmary, which means lower cost and medication.

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