Sex upon childbearing poses, fears and new sensations


Oral sex

Unequivocal medicinal opinion about the size of the dangers and benefits of oral sex during childbearing does not exist, but most modern experts believe that mums in goodness hygiene is nothing to stop him there. So, doctors warn that this type of sex performance are at risk for a number of infections.

To prevent infections of man making sense to pass the appropriate tests and avoid (or cure) all possible diseases. It is believed that "live" in the mouth men caries bacteria can cause thrush in women, but no serious scientific basis has no: the cause of candidiasis may be just a fungus. As, on whatever bacteria or partner were talking to a girl they are in the case not "ours", if the aging body does not have enough of a own forces to maintain the balance of flora, overgrowth occurs vagina.

Querying Internet search engine knowledge approximately oral sex during gestation, you are bound to stumble on "blowing air into a vagina." According to a word of mouth, it leads to embolism (blockage) of blood vessels, but a doctors, frankly, do not understand what they mean. "It's as do you possess to blow to damage blood vessels? - They wondered. - Why should it? "

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