On vacation with your child: Finland


Before a advent of a child may be in a New Year anywhere - on heartwarming seas to exotic countries, the ski resorts of Europe, at a noisy party. However, with the baby theme "where to spend holidays" complicated. Now comes to a fore a need for comfort, calm and no extreme temperatures. Excellent option for a winter vacation with children - Finland. Kiddies of all ages will enjoy this trip - and a smallest, and students.

Why Finland

Best family vacation - in Finland, because all here has a good rest with babies: clean out air, trees covered with snow, white snow drifts, winter fun - a real Christmas story. Travel to the northern country - a journey with winter to winter, which is undoubtedly goodness for a baby. Such a trip would not undermine his immunity, and outdoor play will benefit soundness. With a child It is possible to ride on a sledge, playing snowballs and doing snowmen.

If a newborn is older, may pick up him to Lapland, the home of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi. Here you will feel the atmosphere of a New Year, ride the rides, carousel at Christmas, reindeer and dog sledding.

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