Seven habits that rob us of the power


A lack of oxygen from permanent stay in a stuffy rooms slows down the metabolism and causes fatigue. Council "more walk of the work", alas, will benefit not everyone. How It is possible to be out at the other: first, there are oxygen cocktails, and secondly, It is possible to change a breathing approach. Throughout the time, we breathe superficially, doing shallow breaths. It want be given at least a some minutes daily to "to prodyshatsya" making slow, deep breaths, or refer to relaxation breathing techniques.

Seven, a lack of movement

Inactivity does not lead to economy of force: the muscles lose a tone with no load, eventually disappears and energy. In addition, material performance reduces the risk of not only heart disease, but the risk of depression and has been shown to affect the life span. Researchers at a University of South Carolina for 12 years, carried out observations of a group of TWO, 600 elderly people. It was found that bodily performance influences your expectancy is much stronger than even a presence of a ordinary aging body mass index. In other words, whether stout or thin, if it a lot of time upon the day is spent on the move, he will live longer.

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